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Marc Willinger


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Fields of interest

  • Experimental Economics
  • Behavioural Economics
  • Environmental and Resource Economics
  • Public Economics
  • Risk and Decision

    Work in progress

    • "Market reaction to fundamental value shocks", with Wael Bousselmi and Patrick Sentis.
    • “The strategic environment effect in beauty contest games”, with Nobuyuki Hanaki and Angela Sutan.
    • "Can transparency of information reduce embezzlement?", with Salvatore di Falco, Brice Magdalou, David Masclet and Marie-Claire Villeval.
    • "Trust and competition", with Charles Figuières and Julie Rosaz.
    • "Value creation and value appropriation strategies in coopetition", with Paul Chiambaretto and Jonathan Maurice.
    • "Coalition formation game", with Yukihiko Funaki and Emmanuel Sol.
    • "Risk and time preferences under the threat of natural hazards", with Mohamed Ali Bchir and Carine Heitz.



    Forthcoming papers


    Selected papers







    A survey paper on risk taking

    A nation wide experiment (with special thanks to Angela and Youenn!)

    • "Mise en place d'une expérience avec le grand public : entre recherche, vulgarisation et pédagogie", with Loheac Youenn, Alia Hayyan, Bazart Cécile, Bchir Mohamed Ali, Blondel Serge, Bonescu Mihaela, Bornier Alexandrine, Brouard Joëlle, Chappe Nathalie, Cochard François, Flage Alexandre, Galeotti Fabio, Hollandts Xavier, Hopfensitz Astrid, Jacquemet Nicolas, Le Lec Fabrice, Lefebvre Marianne, Leplat Mélody, Mantilla Cesar, Mateu Guillermo, Peron Guillaume, Petit Emmanuel, Raiber Eva, Rosaz Julie, Rozan Anne, Tisserand Jean-Christian, Villeval Marie-Claire, Zylbersztejn Adam, Sutan Angela. Revue Economique (forthcoming)

    Link to LEEM: